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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's in charge of your heart?

It is so deeply imbedded in the human character to think of oneself above and before all else. How can we change that? And further, we see everything through the glasses that we are wearing today, in this moment. When I talk with my neighbor just after I have been fuming about my child’s behavior, and she is struggling to accept that her father is getting old - forgetful – all that comes from my mouth is ‘relationships are so difficult’. Really? How pitiful is that? My ‘sour apple glasses’ just affect all that I see and do, and ruin significant God-moments.
If only I could…put God’s heart first, wow! What a difference that would make! So, as I am committed to doing just that, why do I so constantly fail? I know that I am not alone in this. I have both witnessed it and felt the sting of someone not hearing my heart because they are caught up in their own. I see that both sides need understanding, forgiveness and a closer walk with the Maker of the universe. So here is the kicker…I cannot hope to be more like Jesus when I don’t constantly study Him, who is God, to know Him better.
May God grant us all better vision as we seek to serve Him and as we cultivate relationships with His people!

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