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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Today is Tuesday. At least I think it is Tuesday. Tomorrow we go to hopefully get the cast put on Yari's foot. She has been in pain most of the time since we got home. She tries to be brave, but at times she just yells out, "Oh, Man!", one of her favorite sayings that has now become her mantra. We have had a steady stream of visitors since she got home. Good for her morale but not so good for the foot. It is still swollen, so I am doubtful that the doc will put the cast on tomorrow. Today she has been less active, with a stern lecture from me that she must stay in bed, in bed she has stayed.
Yesterday I was not here to supervise, and the family kept her hopping here and there entertaining. why, you might ask, was I not here? Well, let me tell you phase two of the New year for Lynn and I!

We finally got home for the hospital around 3 pm on Sunday. right at 4 pm I heard yelping and Lynn running out the back door. For some reason,our dalmatians, or one of them had Tas (my baby, who is an 8 year old french poodle)down, and in just a couple of seconds had ripped her stomach open. When I got her cleaned up enough to see the damage, we knew she would have to have stitches, but it was Sunday afternoon, so we just watched her closely until Monday morning.

Monday morning I took her to the vet - a new one, but the only one I could find in the office. After Tas bit her a couple of times, she sedated her and looked more closely at the wound. She saw that the tooth had done damage inside as well as on the surface, so we had to do surgery. I was the assistant. the surgery was done on the top of a old children's wooden desk with an IV hanging from an old TV stand, and, well, lets just say, I was not impressed with the quality of the sanitary conditions. the surgery, along with IV antibiotics and all took about 4 hours. Her surgery time had rivaled Yari's!

Prognosis at this point is guarded - she must go in daily for IV antibiotics and pain meds. She ran fever through the night, but has none at this time. By the way, Tas's doctor is giving her stronger pain medicine than Yari's doctor is giving her. the latter just sent her home with a prescription for extra strength Tylenol!

Today was also my first day of English classes. They went well enough, considering how tired, stressed and overwhelmed I am feeling. Oh! A very neat thing happened during Tas's surgery. The vet, who spoke only a little English, counseled me saying," You know that God uses these times to remind us of His power and our need for him in our lives. He draws us closer by lending us his strength and power in difficult times." With teary eyes, I just smiled and said, "asi es"(that is absolutely right). In my distress and worry I forgot to be salt and light, so she was for me! It put things back in perspective for me!

Rocky start to the new year, and if it keeps up like this, just imagine how much growing we can do! Before you know it I will be sitting in God's lap! That will be alright with me!!!
Blessings & lessons to you all!

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