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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Pigs are Here!

and I had forgotten how much I LOVE PIGS!
We went to the neighbors to pick up the pigs, expecting 35-40 pound pigs, but found instead these adorable little guys! We are super pleased because we knew we needed to castrate them this week, and were dreading the bigger size.
As we got out of the truck, Sidilio (our neighbor who is about 75 years old) had the two piglets in feed sacks ready for us to take, and one, we shall call him 'Runner' broke out and the chase had begun. We spent 20 fun-filled, out-of-breath minutes trying to get him back in the sack. It took two of his grandchildren, his wife, his grown daughter and Lynn and I to get it done. The other neighbors were hiding in the bushes watching and laughing. It was too funny!
The feeder you see was Lynn's work. AS I mentioned, we expected bigger pigs, so it looks a little intimidating right now - I think they may sleep in it! But they will grow fast. We have always made our feeders of wood, but felt we should try with concrete, still using the same design to make them use their butt muscles and thus grow that ham to its biggest size!
As you can see, the little buggers are just gorgeous! I can't wait to get them used to me so I can pet them and play with them. I can't help it, I just love pigs!

Tomorrow is a new day, with many new opportunities. We are preparing to paint the house, plant the garden again, I am teaching English, Lynn is moving plants from one place to another... okay, that is a kind-of joke. I just kid him about it because he changes his mind alot on where to put the flowers and plants. Lots to do in the community as well, getting ready for the school year. For those who have pledged support of the children and have not yet deposited the money, the time is upon us, and thank you again! The kiddos are 'matriculating' this week!

Thank you Lord for all your blessings, though some may be more difficult, we are grateful for the growth that results from them all!


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