The Weather in Our Neck of the Woods

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Dry Season...

We have arrived home from a brief - very brief visit to our dearly loved family and friends in northern Arkansas. We arrived to the fourth day without rain here. We are now on the ninth day without rain, and the breeze has picked up. I only say breeze because that is what the locals call it, but it is more like a strong wind. It will stay with us day in and out for the next four months we are told. We can vouch that last year when we arrived in late January we had no rain and very strong winds through April. That is what we expect this year as well, though it started a little earlier than normal. It is actually a bit hot here, which is very rare.

So, Magdiel and Hermel took down the plastic covering the greenhouse today so that the wind would not tear it to shreds. We realize more every day how blessed we are to have these two men working with us. While Magdiel only has duties to the farm work, after his school work, Hermel is here soley t work with us for the cause of Christ. However they decided that God would be best served if Hermel helped Magdiel in the mornings with his work, and then both go out in the afternoons teaching and helping the church members and neighbors. Both have a heart devoted to God and his work, and are wonderful additions to our family. We are very grateful to God for His blessings!

The children begin vacation in just two weeks and you can feel it in the air! They are excited, and already forgetting their classroom duties! We are encouraging them to hang tough for just two more weeks, but it is tough, just like in the States! Soon we will begin to ask for support for scholarships for the coming year, which begin in March. Please be prayerfully considering helping with this worthy work to educate these beautiful children of God.

I am winding down on my classes at harding, with many difficulties and stresses, but God is good, and I,too look forward to vacation!!!

Rich blessings in this wonderful time of year - both here and there!