The Weather in Our Neck of the Woods

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update 2 - Settling In

My first attempt at this blogging business. Hope it goes well. Thanks, Tim for setting it up. I read the information a few days ago, but needed my dictionary to figure out how to sign in. The word is acceder. A new word for me.

I have a few things to share, but will make sure this works for me first. I am still battling with the cafe computers, but hope to have internet in the house next Monday. That is not a promise, but a fervent hope. This is finals week for me in my class, and I have 2 papers due, so will be brief.

Everything is falling into place for the upcoming trip. Josh has a couple of new dishes (for him) lined up and I have lined up a helper for him in the kitchen!!!!! We are working on a new bedroom, and expanding the porch. We now have pineapple planted in the garden. We are all healthy, thank you Lord!

God continues to bless us with new friends and fellow Christians. You are all in our prayers daily. Will be in touchverysoon, with photos!

Yours, all because of Jesus,

Monday, April 23, 2007

we have arrived safely! and looking forward to y'all getting here!

Hola Hermanos!
Dios les bendiga!

We are daily preparing and praying for you all as you continue preparing for the upcoming work. How is it going? We understand that the first lesson is ready to go. ¡Que bueno!

We are trying to expand the house a little more before you come, but not having much luck getting the contractor to the house.

We have gone by to check on the cabins for the guys, and they are ready for us in June. WE have 2 of the 3 translators set to be with us, as well as Melissa, Isaac, and Tito, all from Panama City, coming with us to Santa Marta for our worship with the church there. Brother Timoteo, you will be bring the lesson Sunday AM there, Also leading part of the singing sevice . I was thinking it would be good to sing a few songs that we can begin in English and finish in Espanol. We won’t tell the brothers there that we have learned some Spanish songs, just surprise them. I think it will be great! By the way, Tim, as you know, the preaching normally lasts at least an hour – can you handle that? Really I think about 40 minutes will do.

Also in Santa Marta, one team of teachers should be prepared to bring the entire lesson for one day to the kidos. Complete with puppets, crafts and all. You will only have about 50 minutes , mas o menos. You may need to cut back accordingly, but remember there will only be about 20 kids max for your class.

Are we interested in teaching a youth class while we are there? If so, let me know and I will set that up. We (Riverside) sent 8 youth to the national convention this year, so I know they would love a class if we wanted to do it. We will have an extra translator for that if you wish. Who would do it? Up to you guys – not Tim, and not Lynn. Maybe Doyne or Rees? We do not have to do this, just a thought. I do need to know soon, before we go into Santa Marta (2 weeks or so).

You may have heard of our car troubles. The Niva was robbed of the breather cap and filter. Not a big deal, but haven’t been able to find a replacement part. Also TRYING to get it licensed, but getting not very far very fast. It is Panama! Alas, the car that we left to be sold has not been sol because we did not have the correct papers from Panama City, so it was kind of loaned for a while to a young person who wanted to buy it, or something like that, and it came back in a little worse shape than before. Again, no big deal, but the tags expired in March, and now we have to get them renewed in Panama City, and pay a $60 fine for being late. Besides that we had to buy 2 new tires! But you know, it is ALL GOOD! Funny how one smile from an Indian passing by, or a little child yelling from his horseback “Hola Senora Joy!” just puts everything in perspective. God has a plan here, and it isn’t all roses, but it is really really sweet!

Josh is picking up the language fairly quickly. He is learning a few different meals, and practicing some on us. So far, so good! Hope everyone is good with Beans and rice. There just aren’t many meals that don’t include those two components. He has learned to make hojaldras, an absolute necessity for breakfast, and learning how to get good fruits and veggies from the market. Lynn has dug, fertilized, and planted a garden next to the house. It looks beautiful. He and Josh also did some work to keep the hard rain off the garden.

I have run around a lot, looking for parts, paying bills, talking with the neighbors, washed lots of clothes, and continued preparation for you all to be here soon. Both of the translators are students at Harding, and seem like very good folks.

Better close for now and get this off. Just wanted to touch base personally. Please feel free to write with questions and concerns. We look forward to hearing from you. LaJeana, please make sure that Hannah’s email is up and going. David has your tickets, and I will be writing soon!

Everyone is excited about you all coming. I know we can’t wait!

Love you all!