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Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy but Blessed Day in the Life

Today is Friday. It seems every day is an adventure, and very busy right now. Yari is learning to cope with the cast, but is spiking a bit of temperature off and on. I am worried, but not over-worried yet.

TasselB is recovering, still needing various injections daily. Tomorrow I will give them to her here at home. This afternoon some friends came by and were telling me horror stories about the vet we are using. The 'gringos' call her 'doctor death for dogs'. apparently several pets have been taken to her for neutering and died within days of the surgery. I do worry that she is overmedicating, and she did have a baby goat die two nights ago when I had Tas there. The goat seemed strong, bawling loudly and clearly when I arrived, then 5 minutes later it was dead. Have not decided what to do about further treatment.

Patch, the male who bit Tas now has a new home several miles from here. I hope he does well. He isa good dog, other than biting my baby. I think it had to do with the female dalmatian being in heat, but am unwilling to take a chance on a repeat.

Lynn is working away on the yard, and it is looking really good. I always kid him that he is forever changing the design, digging up plants and trees to move to a better spot. he had done it again, but it really does look good. We will see how long he leaves it this way! He enjoys the tinkering, so I am happy!

We are praying for Leon Davenport's family, and trusting that God will give them peace for each moment. A good man, gone home!

Have a blessed weekend!

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