The Weather in Our Neck of the Woods

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In David again...

Saturday – spent the day in David again. We had several errands to run. We took TasselB to a big city vet for a second opinion. She is fine. Yari stayed here with her sister and mother. It is very hot in David, and we do not like to go except there is a McDonalds there and we always seem to be there at lunchtime.

I was reminded today, not for the first time, that immodest dress is quite prevalent here. Females dress very sensual here. Modesty is extremely difficult to teach our young girls. They have been taught, almost from birth, that sensuous is good. It is part of the culture. Mothers pass it on. Of course many girls have had their first baby by the time they are 16. Joy is starting to teach the teenage girls class at church tomorrow. I pray, and ask that you do also, for her success.

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