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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can we be 'humbly proud'?

I remember when we had a guest speaker at Riverside a few years ago who seemed to brag and brag about his ‘children in Christ’. I remember that I thought it …unbecoming and perhaps even un-Christian to act like it was of his doing that those souls came to Christ.
I remembered it clearly as it ran through my mind today as three of my students accepted Christ in baptism. I honestly did not think it was my doing, but I did think how awesome that I had a small part in their understanding God’s call, His love, and His desire for our lives. Was I a little proud? I cannot lie, I was. Do I feel a sense of responsibility for their Christian training for the future, absolutely. Do I think that the glory of this day was my doing? No way! Their parents planted, I watered, and GOD gave the increase. God convicted their hearts. The blood of Jesus saved them and brought them into a relationship with God. But it sure feels good to have gotten to water a bit!

In truth I am honored and humbled that not one, but three, encouraged by the class, decided to follow Christ. As I began this new class with the teenage girls (which began January 2) I wanted to make sure they understood the call to follow Christ as I understood it:
It has little to do with fear of hell, or duty or responsibility, but everything to do with God wanting to have a personal relationship with us, but being unable to in our filthy, sin-stained condition.
I wanted them to understand that Jesus came to earth as the solution to this problem, and His solution is a permanent one, offering continued, permanent forgiveness to those who believe He is who He says He is.
I wanted them to understand that God loves us so much that He gave His Son so that He could be with us daily in the form of the Holy Spirit.
I wanted them to love Him the way I love Him.
Praise the Lord, there are some who do understand! They understand and want that relationship with the Creator of the universe! And God let me help! I know, some of you are saying, “yea, so what! We have done that before”, but isn’t it just as amazing and renewing each time? I am still deeply in love with our awesome God, and still in awe that He could use this filthy, sin-stained sinner to help bring light to His beloved. I’m just sayin’, it don’t get any better than this!

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