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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Life!

Yamileth has been patiently waiting for her 12th birthday. Not in the way most children do; there were no presents or cake and ice cream. No parties or new clothes, but there was one great gift she received. She was baptized into Christ. Talk about a new wardrobe! She has asked to be baptized for over a year now, but her parents said she must be 12 years old before they would allow it. She turned 12 on Monday and asked us to take her to the river on Tuesday. We were happy to oblige!
Lynn was the baptizer and I was the translator as we helped this young, dear friend offer God her life in obedience to His command. What pure joy!
The life of this young lady is difficult – 9 sisters and brothers, a father who often drinks away his meager paycheck before the family is fed, an Indian in a place where Indians are seen as lower class, and unworthy of even a greeting. The road is and will be difficult for her, and now, praise God! She has a helper with her in every moment! Please say a prayer when you think of it for Yamileth, our sister in Christ.

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NitWit1 said...

Beautiful! says it all