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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Doors Opening Wider

Yesterday Lynn, Jana and I went to the border to shop for uniforms for several children in the school in Caña Blanca. They have just begun attending this year, and do not have the finances to buy all that they need. We used funds offered by Riverside Ladies’ class, and other funds left by First Day to buy 14 shirts, 8 pair of pants, 8 skirts, and socks (3 pair of socks per child) for all 8 children. It was Jana’s first time in Costa Rica, so it was exciting, but also tiring. It is just too hot down there!
Today, after feeding the animals and ourselves, we began the day by going to the tienda (tiny store) for snacks to take to the children after English class (in Caña Blanca). The trip out was uneventful, but upon arriving, we are always thrilled to spend time with the little ones. Carla, one of the smallest in the class (3 years old) could teach the class on colors! She shouted out each color correctly without a bit of help! During the class time two parents came to speak with me. They have begun a Parent Association and want to include our input in their meetings. We are honored and excited that the school is moving forward after several years of neglect and decay (both physical and academic). We will meet next week with the Territory political leaders and ask for funding for solar power so that the children might have lights to read by. They have other plans as well, and will meet regularly to discuss and work toward improving the school.
Okay, beyond that meeting, which left me giddy with the possibilities of help for these needy children, we found that there were 4 new children in the school. Ranging from 4 to 12, none had ever been in school before yesterday. None can read or write, or color inside the lines, or any other thing we take for granted for our children.
So, there are now 14 children in the school! Last year the school was closed completely at the end of the year, and now the children are pouring in. Our interest (with GREAT help from First Day) has caused others to take interest, and the teacher, who rarely came to classes last year has been told that she will not miss class one more time without prior consent, or she will be replaced!!!! This is tremendous news for all who love those children! So, now that the teacher will be present, the parents are sending their youngsters for an education. It is wonderful to see!
During the class we were asked if we could go pick up a woman who was having a baby and take her into Volcán when we left. So, we carried 9 children (some with new uniforms and shoes)-and one family's dog - about 1½ miles down the road on our way to pick up the lady – who turned out to have a newborn less than 2 days old – and absolutely precious – in her arms. Jana and I shared carrying the baby all the way into town. We dropped off the 9 children and traded for mother and child then went back to the school and picked up 5 more kiddos to carry closer to their home, which was toward Volcán. All five of these were part of the group for which we had bought uniforms. They walk over 2 miles one way to attend classes, and until this week, were doing it barefooted with whatever clothing they could find. Now all five will be dressed like normal school children for the first time in their lives.
I have to tell you about Adelaida. She is 12 years old and had never worn shoes before the tennis shoes First Day brought her last week. She was wearing them today. I asked how they felt. She said “very well”. I asked if she was comfortable she said,”yes, they feel good.” I said, “I am glad. I was afraid they would be too tight”. She said,”Yes, they are tight.” I asked, “Very tight?” She said yes. I said,”Like, so tight you have blisters?” She nodded, smiling brightly. I asked again,” Do you have blisters?” She nodded and said “Yes, I have blisters” but she was beaming. I thought surely she did not understand the question, but she pulled off one shoe and showed me at least 2 huge blisters. I asked of the hurt and she said, “No, not too much because my brother gave me some socks!” She said “The shoes are really pretty, aren’t they?” What could I say? They were absolutely beautiful beneath that wonderful smiling face! Thanks again, Kelly, First Day, and Riverside Ladies’ Class! I know you will be blessed!
An eventful day in the ministry here.
We feel more and more that God is opening doors to share His love in better ways. Last week a man came by the house and asked if we could possibly find a ride for his family to church on Sundays. Come to find out he is the father of two of the children that we bought clothing for this week. It would mean leaving here at 7:00 am to get them to church on time, as they live about 1 ½ - 2 hours from here, and the church is on the other side of us. And we will have to put a rack and seats in the back of the truck, as nothing but a 4 wheel drive can go to their house, but, God always provides a way to do His will, so I know that He will figure it all out and bless it to His glory!
Just thought we would share what is going on in our neck of the woods!!
We love you all!

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Very busy...I bet you sleep well. I was worn out trying to keep up with you. God Bless.