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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Serving the Children...

The guys from Harding Center for Advanced Ministry Training just left. What a great group of young (and some older) men! They spent the past week constructing a basketball court for the small school in Las Perlas. The Oxford Church of Christ youth group donated the funding last winter, and the Harding guys came down and did the manual labor.

There are 147 children in Las Perlas elementary school; mostly indigenous, all needy in so many ways, and all very grateful for our attention and love.
It was a difficult task, as the school is located in a field of lava rocks, and they only had a week to complete the project, but thanks to God for holding off the rains, and for youthful muscles and stamina, those children are now playing on a concrete floor with a real goal, rim and net!

The Harding gang was our first group of the ‘summer’. Now we are busy preparing for group 2 – Our ever-faithful family from Riverside. They will arrive this coming Sunday morning around 6 am, and we are super excited to see them all!

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