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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Coming Home

Thanks to God we are home in Volcan again. Our trip back went really well until we tried to leave Panama City. Because we were traveling with Tas, our poodle, we could not take the bus back to Volcan, which is our normal means of travel. Instead we chose to fly with Aeroperlas, a Central American company that flies to several locations here in Panama.
A week before we left Arkansas we received an email from them to say that our 10 am flight on November 30th had been cancelled. They booked us on the afternoon flight, leaving at 4 pm instead. We took that in stride, and changed our lodging accommodations so that we could stay later in the day. We went to the airport at 3:00 for the flight and sat until 5:30 when we were told that this flight too had been cancelled because of heavy rains in David. We hurriedly called the hotel back, as there are only a couple that will allow pets, and asked if they had a room for that night. Fortunately they did, and our tickets were changed to 10 am the next day.
We were given a choice of 6:30 am or 10, and I (poor choice) took the latter. When we arrived back at the airport minus about $120, we were told that the flight had been cancelled again. No explanation, no weather in David, just cancelled. The other airline in the airport was not only open, but had a flight leaving at 10 for David. I rushed to see if we could get tickets, and found that we could but needed to hurry. I explained that Aeroperlas still had all of our bags. They said they could wait a few minutes so I hurried to recover the bags, the money for the tickets, Lynn and Tas for the flight. Aeroperlas was offering to take us on the 4 pm flight again, but Tas would have to stay in the tiny crate all day, and who knew if it would really happen on the fourth try!
So, you know what happened next – they refused to refund our money. They said they were not responsible for the weather so did not need to return the money. I tried to argue, but had no time if we were to catch the other flight. We bought new tickets. The flight was delayed about an hour because the mechanic needed to go out and bang on something under the hood – seriously! After that they refueled and we were allowed to board. Tas had to ride as cargo, but she made the trip fine. Finally at about 3:30 pm on December 1rst we arrived at the house.
The moral of this woeful tale – and yes there is a moral for all you travelers who might come to see us – do not use Aeroperlas!!!! Bad! Bad! Bad! Air Panama was wonderful – even served us a soda and crackers on the flight!
It is good to be home. Of course, no-one takes care of your place like you do, so we have tons of work to get things back in order. We do not yet have internet in the house, but hope to see a technician here tomorrow (Tuesday). Our dalmatians, Saly and Patch, had babies while we were gone. There are two left, one for us and one for Magdiel. They are adorable, but also very messy! Nothing is sacred to them, but all is fair game for chewing, ripping, tearing, and eating. ALL. It has been awhile since we had pups around. I think Lynn is thinking that was a good thing!
We are well. Busy, but well, and appreciate so much all of our family back home (the other home) for your prayers and support of our work here.
Last I heard there were still 5 children needing sponsors for the upcoming school year. Please search your heart to see if you can help out just one child so that they can attend school this year. Talk to Rogena or Holly to get set up with a great opportunity to help one of God’s less fortunate!
We love you all!
Richest blessings, Joy

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