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Monday, December 13, 2010

Caña Blanca Trip

We went to Caña Blanca this morning. For you that don’t remember, Caña Blanca is a small community with no electricity, a one- room school, and a Catholic Church. The school and church are where Joy teaches English one day a week. Caña Blanca is about 10 km. from our house on a very rough road that takes nearly an hour to travel. Today the road was the worst I have ever seen it, but the views are still great. We delivered chicken feed, coffee, sugar, and rice to José and Marlenis who are living close to Caña Blanca on a farm. Our primary purpose was to take Christmas presents to the kids at school and the kindergarten kids at the Catholic Church. The school kids were there for their last day but the teacher was not. There were about 14 school kids some of which we had not seen before. The nine kindergarten kids were having their graduation. We also had presents for Senora Élvia, some of the mothers and a few of the younger sisters and brothers. We loaded 3 of the school kids into the back of the truck to take them about 2 miles closer to their home. We stopped at the top of the hill to pick up José’s mom who had become sick. Instead of one there were nine members of the family plus bedding and sacks waiting for a ride to Volcan. Fred (our truck) was full, but we made it.

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Cindy I. said...

Just wanted you guys to know I'm thinking of you... remember... His strength is perfect, when our strength is gone!
Love ya!