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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little stuff can be so big!

I found canning jars!!!!!!
I am so happy! Now I can 'can' some green beans, and squash, and ...whatever I want! Nobody cans here because the climate is good all year long to plant and harvest, but we are gone so much that we can not keep beans and I do hate frozen beans!!!(there are Panamanian green beans available, but they aren't exactly the same)
So, this little blessing makes me VERY HAPPY!

Another little, but big blessing - we found a crock pot too! We are getting down-right Americanized down here! So now I can can my beans and cook them too!!! ;)

We are working hard here on the place right now, and preparing for upcoming missions as well.

Things went well with Fidelia's appointment. They are all home and as happy as they can be with the loss of their little one.

Please remember people you love who are suffering today. Roy and Mary, our hearts ache for you. There are others as well who need a call or a hug.

As Brother Ron says,"Life is hard but God is good!"

Peace to you,joy


Juliette Muracchioli said...

Hi there, I just googled 'canning jars in Panama' and came upon your post mentioning you had found some. I have been living here for a few years and have wanted to can the whole time I've been here! If wouldn't mind sharing where you found them, I would love to know!

Congratulations on the work you're doing here!

Joy said...

Juliette, you can find the quart size canning jars at Novey in David. good luck!