The Weather in Our Neck of the Woods

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm Stuff

Just thought I would let you know how the garden is growing - and the pigs and sheep and chickens...

At present we have corn ,beans, peas, guandu, otoi, bihau, alcachofa, green beans, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, strawberries, potatoes, squash and watermelon up in the garden, and bananas, plantain, narajilla, lemons, ajis, lemon grass, coffee and lots of flowers growing in the yard.
This is Ajis - a mild kind of pepper that all the localsuse to spice everything. We love it, and are thrilled to have a good crop grwoing right outside the back door!

Out back we have 2 pigs at about 200 pounds, 17 chickens, 13 sheep, and 5 dalmatians. And of course, TasselB is in the house, reigning over it all.

We no longer have any helpers on the place. Dani has a new job cooking at the school, and we have never really found a good farm helper since Magdiel went home. All that to say, we are working our hinies off! But it is all coming along and looking good.

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