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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On being needed...

This was written last Tuesday, but the computer died, so it is just now getting posted!

Yesterday was my first day of classes. Thank the good Lord that one of the professors is having trouble getting everything set in the new 'moodle' program! I about cried when I saw the requirements for each class! It isn't just what they require (I knew it would be a substantial amount of work, because they are Masters level courses), it 's our life here as well. Yesterday, beginning at 6:45 we had visitors - "can you charge my phone for me?" - "Can I just hang out a while since I am early for school?" - "Senora Joy, I need some paints for school today, can you get me some?" - The most frightening was when Carlos and Didania, Indian children who live out about two miles from here, were standing looking in my front door as I cam out of my bedroom, only partially clothed. That was the 6:45AM visit. Three children came by after school for a snack and to ask for more school supplies, then Yamileth, Emelia and Maria came by to tell us how their day went. I counted 14 interruptions in the few hours I set aside for studying.

To top it off, Lynn is under the weather, and was in bed all day. And if you know how men are when they feel a little bad... :) Dani was not working, or she could have run some interference for me. Magdiel was out back working. I finally turned off the phone, closed and locked the gate out front, and hid out.


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