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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a note...

Today is Sunday, and the church just scattered after a great time of worship, fellowship and food. We had 41 in attendance today. Norman, from David came up to offer words of encouragement about Jesus' promise to come back for us one day, and his statement that we should have faith in him just as we do in God. Good words to hear for weary sojourners! Remember the goal ahead! God is faithful to do as he has promised through His Son! Lucha!!!(one of my favorite Spanish words, it translates keep fighting in the NVI) Sometimes it is easier than others - like today when I was surrounded by fellow strugglers, fellow seekers, friends and brothers. Sometimes it isn't so easy - like when a loved one is very ill, or the road seems scattered with one disappointment after another. Even then it is easier when we remember what Jesus promised in John 14: He is coming back for us, to take us to a place where there is plenty of room for every one of us to be with him.

I really appreciate those of you - Tim M.and Kim J. to mention a couple, who make the time to regularly post to your blogs. Personally they lift me up, and as a fellow blogger they encourage me to be more faithful about jotting a note or two. I want to be more like you guys! Heather does not send an email without reminding me that I should blog (Thanks to you too, Heather. My goal is to get something out once a week. Let's see how I do!

We have beloved guests in the house this week - again! New ones - Magdiel's family is here visiting for the week, as his brother is on mid-year vacation from school. This dear family lives in Santa Marta, where the medical mission team went last June. they have never been to our Province, so we will do a little sight-seeing, and Ariel will also do some remodeling of our loafing shed for the sheep, who will begin to have babies next month. He works with concrete so has offered his services to get the house fixed up for the new arrivals. We are looking forward to a fun week.

Some say I have gone completely crazy, but I am taking three Master of Ministry classes this semester plus 2 practicum classes (to practice what I am learning). I am trying to get a headstart by reading some of the textbooks ahead of time. For the three classes we purchased 35 books, so I have a ways to go! Classes start in 8 days, and I am excited about what I will learn. I should say what we will learn because Lynn and I both read all the material and discuss the classes so that we both gain the knowledge and insight of the great professors at Harding. I am learning from two new (to me) teachers this semester - Dan Stockstill and Dr. Crenshaw. I also have my favorite, and most challenging friend, Randy for a Leadership class. I am looking forward to them all!

Thunderstorm here now, so I will close for the moment. Our prayer is that you, our dear brothers and sisters are Richly Blessed by our Amazing Father!

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NitWit1 said...

WOW are you going to be studying!!!

I'll PRAY can keep all this knowledge together.

We were worried attendance diminished considerably here for a month, but last Sunday was full house---probably everyone getting vacation trips in before school starts.

A few have gone elsewhere, some perceived "opportunity for service" wherever they went.

You may have heard Hugh Brightwell died. Shelly went to visitation and of course saw many friends.