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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time with Celinda's girls

Yesterday we took Celinda’s girls who are school age shopping for uniforms, shoes, and backpacks for school. It was such fun! Their eyes were like saucers as we looked at the new clothing, and they actually chose what shoes they wanted. They ran from place to place, and gave a million hugs in between. The hugs and kisses we want to share with Doyne, Margaret, Phillip, Nancy and Holly. Thank you so much for allowing us to be your liaisons with these gifts! We took them to McDonalds for lunch. Okay, for those of you who are rolling your eyes, saying Yuck! McDonalds. Just look at the picture of these girls on their first-ever trip to McDonalds! When I asked if they would like to go there, six eyes became wide as plates, they looked at each other as if we had just given them millions of dollars. It was priceless! When we had finished shopping, and were on our way to eat, Emelia said,” Miss Joy, what does it mean to say “Happy meal”?” I said, “It is a little box that has a hamburger and French fries and comes with a soda and a toy”. She sucked in her breath and all three girls screamed in delight. Then Marie, the baby of the group said, “Can I ask for a happy meal?” I said, “Of course, if that is what you want.” Emelia was not satisfied, she said,”But can I ask, myself, for my very own Happy Meal?” I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant, but said ”You can ask for your own lunch.” She insisted “my own happy meal?” I replied again, “Yes, if that is what you want”. They laughed and giggled all the way to the restaurant. Once we were inside and they saw the play land, they forgot all about food! We were all tired and thirsty, but they only had eyes for the playground equipment! I told them they could play as soon as they ordered, so they each walked up to the counter, and in their very shy, timid voices, ordered their own happy meals, then stood amazed as the young man delivered their food and toy. They ate and drank quickly, then went back to play. It was such fun to watch!

After lunch (and a half hour to play) we took the girls to have their eyes checked. The optometrist was very good with each of the girls, but Yamileth’s eyes caused his ever- present smile to fail. I could see right away that something was bad, but we thought before going that she needed glasses. Even she had said she could not see well. We just did not realize how bad it was. Apparently, she has a severe astigmatism in her right eye – worse than 3.5. It has been so for such a long period of time that her brain has decided not to use that eye at all. She cannot see anything but light and dark in that eye. The left eye is pretty good, though, so we will get glasses to make the good eye better, and put a partial correction in the bad eye, though the doctor says it will do nothing. She says that Yamileth is too old for the problem to be corrected, but it could have been corrected nicely if she had been brought in at an earlier age. So sad. I am seeking advice from the States before we give up hope. Yamileth, of course, just took it all in stride, and moved right into playing with her toy from McDonalds.

We got back to Volcan after 6 PM, tired but happy with most of the days activities. The children have already been by today to say hello and eat a bite with us. We have learned to always have something on hand for them when they stop by. It may very well be all they eat today. During the school year they will be provided a good breakfast and lunch daily- the breakfast courtesy of their sponsors and Heather, and their lunches are provided by the children of Riverside in Gassville. Thanks to you all for what you do for these precious children of God!

Well, I have skipped some things that you would enjoy knowing about, but will try to keep you better abreast of our happenings!
(This is the last of three posts today, so look down to get the first two)
We love you all and miss you !
Joy & Lynn

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