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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going home to Santa Marta

We spent last weekend in Santa Marta, visiting, encouraging, and being blessed by the wonderful church family there. This time we brought Yaritza for her first visit, and their first chance to meet our almost-daughter. We also brought them loads of questions about the upcoming medical campaign coming to them in June. This will be a joint work of Riverside in Gassville, Riverside in Panama, and Santa Marta, with additional help by other congregations as well. They are very excited about this great opportunity to help the community in Jesus’ name, and to share the gospel with them as well. It is so difficult to get out (to bigger towns) for medical care, even if they had the money to go.

We invited one of the scholarship recipients, and a dear friend, Magdiel to come and work for us for the month before school starts. There is little work there, and the pay is, at best, $3 day. So he is here, helping Lynn out with the farm preparations for our sheep to arrive. We have finally found some of the kind we want (hair) and that are adjusted to this climate, so we will bring them home as soon as our fences are ready. Magdiel is a great young man. He is 18, and just graduated from 9th grade. He says he wants to be a doctor! Until we began providing help, he could not afford to go our of Santa Marta for classes above 6th grade. Thanks to Brody and Sarah, he has gone for the past two years and completed three years in that time!
Magdiel is a solid member of the church, and a leader at Santa Marta, and so is a wonderful addition to our little congregation as well!

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