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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Words from Family....

Hey everyone! I miss all of you! Things have been going great here. I have a small cold but I am feeling better. My dad and brother say they miss us a lot and the house is empty without us. The school went great last week in Las Perlas. The kids were really shy at first but then they got talking and interacting. It was so much fun playing with them at their recess. Seeing their smiles just brightens your day completely. Getting to know the people from Oxford was really awesome. I made many new friends in just a short time. It was good to see most of the girls that live here because I made such strong bonds with them, it will be hard to leave them again. Today we (mom, joy, lynn, holly, marta, kirvyn, and I) went to a very small school in Caña Blanca. It had eight kids and three adults (like teachers). The kids were very friendly, but shy. It just reminded me that if you so something small for someone it can make a huge difference in their day, attitude, or even life. I have loved seeing all of the beautiful plant life everywhere and experiencing the good weather here. But right now it is raining very hard, its taking up for the dry days we have had. Sorry for jumping from subject to subject, I am just typing what comes into my head. Sally (joys dog) is fat because of all of the puppies in her belly. She has been very lazy and will soon have the pups. I miss seeing my friends in mountain home, but I am loving it here too.

Love yall, Hannah Chapman

P.S. Remember:

Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid the Lord goes with you each and everyday he will never forsake you. Do not be afraid.

I am so thankful again for this opportunity to be in Volcan. What a joy to be with two of my children also doing this work.We miss Perry and John so much ,but know Perry is doing a great job taking care of John.The team from Oxford enjoyed the children at Las Perlas and I think they will all take back many blessings in their own lives. Chad,Amanda,Bradley,Omar,and Mary Margaret showed a strength that was so encouraging. I am so proud of all of them. Please continue to pray for the efforts here and know that many lives are being changed because Christ is being shared.Our translaters were a blessing too. Like Pablo and Tatianna, they are also Walton scholars at Harding University.We look forward to you meeting them over the holidays.They have been told how awesome all of you are, so please be on your best behavior!!

Today was a really good day at Cana Blanca.These children seem to even have a greater need than the children at Las Perlas.One thing remains the same..these angels want to be shown love and give love.What a joy to be in their presence. They can barely keep their shoes on because they are in such poor condition and it is evident they do not have enough to eat, but they smiled and were polite and kind to all of us. Please do not put any money in Joys account while I am here or we may never get home! Her and Lynn would take care of all of Panama if they could.

In Him,LaJeana

Today was my favorite of days since I have been in Panama this year. A tiny little school with children who have nothing but big grins and big hearts is the reason why. Lynn took his life in his hands and drove the 8 of us-the 8th being the teacher, to a one room school just down the road from here. It took us about 40 minutes to get there. Once there, we waited about 30 minutes until the children arrived. By the time we started, there were 4 boys and 4 girls-not all school age. We did 3 of our lessons and the children responded almost from the beginning even though they had never laid eyes on us. They were so eager. After the 3 lessons, lunch that we had prepared was eaten, and then a scavenger game was held with all being the winner. During the course of the day, I noticed that not one child had shoes on that fit or were decent. The soles flapped when they walked on one little girl, another had shoes on –but her toes hung off the end. One child{s shoes were broken and on and on. La Jeana and Joy came up with a way to get the sizes of their feet. We had a contest to see whose foot was the biggest compared to kirvyn{s . Needless to say, they will get shoes. The rest of the trip was too hard to explain in a few words. Just want to say—I am glad that God gave me the time and the means and the ability to come hear and be with these lovely children. Better go—will se ya´ll in July. With must love, Holly

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