The Weather in Our Neck of the Woods

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Thought you might enjoy a few words from some of the team. What a blessing for us to have such great brothers and sisters in Christ here with us. The week is flying by, so we are cherishing every moment together!

We are finally here! The weather has been wonderful, the people have been amazing, and my son can not get enough of the food! We have come here with open hearts and have already been filled. In my prayer journal today it has the scripture from Psalm 32:8, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” It is a great scripture to keep close to our heart on our journey here in Panama.

Today was our second day in the classroom and the children have already become very warm and welcoming. They have loved playing with Taz, Darbi, and Preston. Many of the children remember Holly, Gwynna, and Lisa from last year. Today we were celebrities! They kept going to each of us to get our autograph. We may not speak their language, but we can play, laugh, and sing together.

Lord thank you for your blessings, mercy, and grace. We love you all back in the US, and are excited to share with you our stories. God bless, April

The children here are so beautiful and loving. The area is very poor by our standards but the children don’t seem to notice. Some walk up to 3 miles to school and have to leave between 5:30 and 6:00. Some stop by and the Nelson’s serve them breakfast. Their house is more like an open house instead of a private home. They are truly doing God’s work. Every day at recess the girl’s play a dance game and today got first me, then Darbi and finally all of us doing(or trying) the dance with them. We had a blast but are really worn out tonight. I have never felt more blessed than I have this week doing God’s work and getting to know these wonderful children. God be with you all, Monte

I am having a blast!!! Everyone is so loving and very beautiful. It has truly been a blessing for me and my children to be able to meet such wonderful people. The weather has been great. Not too hot at all. I love how Joy and Lynn have the open door policy with all the people here. Adults and children alike come and go all day. Reminds me of my home!!!! The bathroom and I have become very close friends. Other than that the trip has gone very smooth. We are all getting very close to each other. I never knew what a nut Monty is!!! God be with all of you and I love you all!! Penny

My sincere wish is that each and every one of you could experience Riverside in Panama!! Your heart would go out to these niños that we are teaching in school. They are so lovable, you just want to bring them home with you. Everything is going well, Lynn and Joy have not left home yet, thank goodness. We thank you for your prayers and support, and we hope you continue to remember us. We miss all of you, and we will see you in a few days. God bless,,.Gwynna

This is my second year to visit this beautiful area of Panama, and it is truly awesome! Everyone that is able to come should do so and experience the beautiful and welcoming people that live here. We are all being blessed beyond measure this week. The children are just incredible. Joy and Lynn are being hospitable as usual, and we love them so much and are thrilled to be here with them. Thank you all for your prayers while we are gone. God Bless you all, Lisa

In the jungle, the mighty Panama Jungle, the lions in the den will sleep with Daniel tomorrow. The first 2 days of our VBS has covered David and Esther who were facing the giants by being strong and courageous. Tomorrow is Daniel’s turn and then Paul’s turn is Thursday. Each day is packed with rising early, eating a wonderful breakfast and then a short devo before heading off to the school at 7:30. Classes start about 7:45 to 8:00. At 10;30 there is recess, then another class, lunch, and our last class is from 1-2:00pm. We are all tired at the end—but lots of fun. You should have seen Monte as Goliath and King Xerxes. He was great!!! Wish ya’ll were here—the sun is shining and I actually got hot today!! Take care, love you all. See you the middle of July. Holly

This is my first time to come to Panama and it has been great so far. Hopefully I get to come back next year and get to see all the familiar faces. On our second day here me and Monte got chosen to join some little girls in a handshake/dance off. It was HALERIOUS! Then after a while they got the whole group out there and none of us could stop laughing. Also, another thing we couldn’t stop laughing about, was when Monte broke his chair and fell to the ground. Then, he got up and said, “I take it back Lord! I take it back!”(umm long story). But, don’t worry he was just kidding. Well, I hope I get to come back next year with more of you guys with us. See you when we get back. Darbi

Yeah, uhhhhh… Hola everybody! This too is my first time here in Panama and I’m lovin’ it! Ya know, I thought that the food here was going to be nothing but nasty beans. Boy I sure was wrong! I practically feel like a glutton down here. All the kids are amazing at soccer and are kickin’ my butt. The dang chickens won’t shut up and I got soaking wet, and I found out that I fell off the top bunk and landed on my face(which knocked me out), but other than that it’s all good.

-The Eatinator

(Preston Helmke)


Marla said...

Sounds like all is well in Panama. We really enjoyed reading the comments from everybody. We look forward to all the stories and pictures when you all get home. Hope you all have a wonderful week there and a safe trip home.

Hey Monte, Dawson said to tell you he is taking care of the weather while you're gone. He hopes you have fun on your trip.
Love to all,
Matt, Marla & Dawson

Tim said...

So great to hear from (and SEE) all of you! You've brought happy tears to our eyes! Much love and a safe return!


Kirvyn said...

Hey Guys! I'm really happy to be helping you and your wonderful mission. You are doing an awesome job with the kids. I'm sure that they will never forget you!!.

I thank God for letting me be part of this wonderfull experience. Thanks for all the help you give to the community. See you tomorrow!


chappy said...

all those smiles speak volumes! a picture really is worth a thousand words.

tell monte goober says hey!

love you all, big john c.

Roger said...

Next time everyone needs to post in Spainish so I can translate.NOT!!!

Glad everyone is having a great time!