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Monday, May 19, 2008

While it seems that we will never 'catch up', the place is looking better all the time. We are staying very busy, and are thrilled to have Ben here helping us. In the midst of all the repairs we have also managed to take a group to David church every Wednesday night for dinner at McDonalds (always a favorite), a short class, and lots of singing. Our youth really enjoy the chance to visit with the youth at David.

We have also visited with the tiny school in Gariche, and been asked to help them provide Bibles for their students (all 8 of them). We said we would absolutely LOVE to do that, so have ordered some NVI version Bilengual Bibles to help the teacher share Bible stories with the youngsters. I have also copied out Bible lessons which we will take out this week.

We have also fed the students at El Valle well every week since we have been back. Our relationship with the school continues to be strong and beneficial, both to them and to the church. I was amazed that when we first went to Gariche the teacher knew just who we were, what we believed, and where we lived! Word travels fast here, and when you feed someone's children you become a friend fast.

The photos were taken this past Sunday during classes. We had 24 present, with 6 visitors. 4 of the visitors were indigens - G'Nobe Bugle Indians. We have long felt a need to focus on this downtrodden, very poor group of people, so we are thrilled to have more in attendance. Of course we realize that part of the reason they come is because we share a meal together, but Jesus fed people He taught, so we feel that is a good starting place!

On Saturday I got to babysit the beautiful Miss Anna Valery. I was quite appalled to find that she enjoyed Ben's company more than my own, but was also very glad that he was there to help! While she is beautiful, she is also very spoiled - she felt the need to be carried 100% of the time! We had fun!

English classes are going well. I have 10 students through out the week. With preparation time and class time I am keeping pretty busy. Our classes have become more aggressive this year. I am demanding that they talk alot more English, and I am speaking alot less Spanish. So far, so good!

We are eagerly preparing for the teams to come in June. Lots left to do, but God is in charge, and it will all be done according to His plan!

We love you all, and have a a bed ready whenever you are ready to visit!

May God bless you richly!

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