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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lord’s Day

Let me very clear – God is faithful. I am not always. I doubt at times, I worry. I feel sorry for myself and bury myself in my pain and sorrow. God just keeps on blessing. God keeps on forgiving. God keep on…keeping on. Praise His Holy Name! God is ever faithful.

This week God sent angels in the form of phone calls from our brothers and sisters in the U.S. to comfort and encourage us when we were in despair. This week God provided significant words through Max Lucado’s Daily Devotion. This week God kept us very busy with cleaning, repairing and planning. This week God gave us peace in our hearts, when we could accept it. God even saw fit to let me see my Dad this week through the internet! Is He awesome or what? Lots of things continue to go wrong in many areas (the water heater blew up on Wednesday) but God remains steadfast. When we pray, he gives peace and discernment. He has not answered all the questions we have had, but he has showed us how to wait, just putting one foot in front of the other until His will comes to fruition.

Today God brought six dear brothers and sisters from David to our little church here in El Valle. Brother Gilberto taught the adult/youth class while Sister Anna and I taught the children about Jonah. She brought the lesson to life like I never could in Spanish. It was wonderful. Then Brother Bruce led beautiful songs and Gilberto taught a wonderful lesson on how we show the light that is Christ in our lives – through our love of others, both friends and enemies. It was a perfectly timed lesson for us all. We finished the meeting with hotdogs, chips, cookies and pineapple juice. The kids really loved the hotdogs and chips – quite a treat for them. We cannot afford to do that often, but it made for a perfect ending today.

Attendance was down a little. Salinda and her family were not here. Jairo and his family were not here. We will be certain to visit with both this week to insure that they know that we missed them, and that they are always welcome. I suspect that Salinda had a sick child, so will try to go soon to check on her. It may be that we have lost Jairo and his family, but we will continue to make them welcome. God has all these things, and these people, under control. He loves each one, and will care for us all. We will wait on Him.

For now, God has blessed us with faithful members, and family in David who are willing to help us as long as necessary. I will endeavor to do the midweek class. I must study more Spanish to do this. Please pray that I will be able to convey God’s glory, and His love to these very earnest students of the Bible. We realize that this is not the best situation for them, but it is the best we can do right now.

We continue to learn more about Ezequias’s behavior while we were gone, and continue to be saddened and shocked, but God has shown us that we must take it in, give it to Him, and put it away. We believe that Ez is leaving town today. We are praying that he will find a way to renew his relationship with God, and change his ways. We grow more certain every day that the decision we made was the best for the church. God has given us peace in this, and we are grateful.

The work continues, paso a paso (step by step). Our neighbor, whom we do not know well, came yesterday to ask if he could make a ‘trato’ with us. I had to ask what is a trato, and he told me, so I will tell you; It is a bargain. Isn’t that cool? Ah well, at any rate, he needed to borrow our weedeater to cut his grass, and said if he could use it he would also cut our yard for us. This has been a topic of concern for us for a couple of reasons. One, we have no time to get it cut, and two, it really hurts Lynn’s shoulder to use the weedeater. So, our lawn now is beautiful, as is his, and we are both quite happy, and plan to continue this arrangement. It also gave us a chance to talk with him and his wife at length, so we have closer friends now. God continues to amaze this slow-learning believer. He is so good to me and I am so undeserving. May I never cease to praise Him and serve Him!

Thanks for your prayers and love. We love you all dearly!

Joy & Lynn

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