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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gusanos in the Water!!!!


Well, now we cannot say that the water is pure fresh and clean anymore - at least for awhile. The photo shows you what the water looks like at the head of our piped water source at the moment. It’s a plague! Gusanos! Or in English – grub worms! Millions upon millions of them. We have seen some that were 8 inches long in our water pipes. They are clogging the pipes throughout our neighborhood. No, thank the Lord, they cannot get to our water faucets because of our pressure tank and filter, but their ‘juices’ can, and have. We have all three been sick for the past 2 weeks. We only found out why a few days ago. The whole neighborhood is ill, but none seriously ill.

We are now drinking bottled water, and will continue doing so until the water department assures us that they have fixed the problem. Most of our neighbors cannot afford bottled water, but are boiling all the water that they drink. Our concern at this point is for the children who are running and playing everyday at the school, and everyday they are drinking the water from the faucets at the school. One private school in town has put water dispensers with 5 gallon jugs in each classroom, but El Valle cannot afford that, so they continue to drink the water, and their foods are prepared with the same water. We are seeking solutions as we speak for this. One of my instructors at Harding is big part of Healing Hands International, and I am hoping he can give us some affordable solutions for the school. I suspect that he is in the midst of assisting with the Hurricane Relief in Honduras at this moment, so may not hear from him soon. Brethren, we are open to suggestions, and ask for your prayers in this serious health problem.

Now for more …pleasant news: We have finally been able to spend some time on the farm with few(er) interruptions. We are trying to prepare the land for our departure. Our irrigation ditches have filled in, and the rain is coming down at over 6” per day most days. That means our pasture is underwater much of the time. The cattle are often standing in water 6” deep. Lynn and a neighbor are working everyday, and I am helping out when I can. I am not sure why, but Lynn saves the really messy work for the days when I help.

This photo was taken when we were finishing up raising the culverts about a foot so that the water would pass through and not over them. You can see the culverts in the background. This is where the cattle (and we) walk to and from the pens. The mud was over my boots (obviously) and like crazy glue. I cannot begin to tell you how sore I am from trying to walk and work in this! That was just one day. Lynn is doing that every day. (But he never gets over his boot tops, he just sends me out over mine.) Really, it was fun once I decided the snakes would not slide into my britches legs. Exhausting, but fun!

Classes continue, but now Ez and I have to share our ‘classroom’. I continue with English classes and he has Bible students twice a week. He now has 6 faithful students, and 5 of them go with us to David for services on Sunday. We cannot fit them all in our car, so take the public bus back and forth. The bus drops us off on a main road, and then one of the brothers from the church picks us up in a school bus, along with about 30 other members of the church. After classes he drops us off again, and we take the bus back here. We are growing, and blessed! We plan to commence with meeting here next month. Wow! It is almost a reality!
Today Ez and I went out into the community visiting. We managed two good visits before the rain sent us running home. Yes my legs were sore from the culvert raising, yes, I now know of muscles that I did not realize I had. Yes I was soaked to the bone when I got home. Yes it was worth it and I am thrilled with the new contacts. Maybe I will consider taking the car tomorrow! We were about 1 ½ miles from the house, and the road turns to river when it rains much. The families we visit are almost always receptive and kind. The welcome us and listen to whatever we have to share. (Okay, I don’t do much of the talking, but I smile a lot and tell them their kids are adorable.) Ez always is prepared with a Scripture and a few thoughts. Today it was Psalms 112. I hadn’t read it in awhile, and was blessed by it. Check it out! You might just need to hear this today!

Kathy is getting REALLY BIG!!! We go tomorrow for a checkup. She is due any time now, with a ‘final due date’ of September 29. This is the day that the doctor will induce if she has not gone into labor. She weighs a whopping 118 pounds now, and she is as big as a balloon, but she is tiny too, and I worry about that. She weighed 96 at her first prenatal appointment. Less than 5 feet tall, she is like a little doll. I didn’t mention that in the photo that I posted before the things in her lap she made herself. She is quite talented! I can’t wait for this little girl to get here!

I was at the school this morning. Other than the water problem, things are going well. I did find out last Saturday that another church is going in and teaching Bible lessons on Saturday mornings at the school. I was told that they began this work because of our work there. The teachers and parents were afraid we would be upset, but I just said “wonderful! We want the children to know all about God!” They were surprised and pleased I think.

We are so thankful and thrilled to be offering the meals to the kids daily. Thanks to the children at Riverside the ‘Treasure Chest’ is providing enough money to feed the entire school everyday! We are continuing to spend $60 each week, and other parents are pitching in as well to complete their needs. This week we even took them salchichas sort of like hotdogs, but….not. They are a favorite here, and the kiddos will love them.

Heather, Lynn’s daughter, is running like a banchee to get all our paperwork done for our “Jubilado” Visa. This will allow us to be in the country for more than a month at a time – permanently. The laws continue to change quickly, and we need to insure our residency, and get title to our property! We should have known to get her on it to begin with – she has talked with the Attorney General’s office, and the Secretary of State, as well as anyone else she thinks will help expedite our visa! Thanks Heather!!! We love you!

So we are well, and blessed beyond measure. We plan to be back in the Riverside – America fold in just a few short weeks. We love and miss you all. I think Lynn is really missing his mom at this point, and so am I!!!
Note the latest additions – our two pups, Anis and Sal y Pepper (Sally for short). anis was found in the road out past our house, in a bag tied shut. We thought she would not make the first night with us. She could not see, counld not hear, and could not walk. Now, 4 months later, she does all that, and LOTS more! Saly we got to keep Anis company. She is a full blooded dalmation, and helps Anis keep the yard torn up with every imaginable piece of trash. Earlier this week she brought Lynn an empty whiskey bottle. ( The neighbor had a laugh when he asked Lynn to explain that!)

That's it for now!
May God bless you richly as we serve Him together!

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