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Monday, July 9, 2007

El Valle Elementary School Lunch Program

We dropped off the food for the school today, and Rosy, the teacher who speaks very good English, said to tell all hello, and how much they appreciated the meals. She said it made a difference in the kid's attention span, and their behavior in general.

At present we are providing weekly about 200 pounds of vegetables, 25 pounds of rice, 15 pounds of beans, and salt and oil as they need it. The mothers all greet me with smiles, both at the school, and on the road. I know that they appreciate the gift immensely. I get hugs from the children each time I see them. Sorry you aren't able to receive them yourselves, but happy to be the one they see!

If anyone else wants to help with this project, you can just mail your check to Riverside Church of Christ, 190 Whitaker Lane, Gassville, Arkansas 72635. Not meant as a plug, just if you feel the Spirit's urging! Mark it Riverside In Panama - school.

The young lady in the picture is in kindergarden, and happens to be our neighbor. He name is Yemi. She lives in a house with no electricity, but she may be one of the fortunate who actually get breakfast most days.

May god bless you all richly!

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