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Monday, February 28, 2011

Full and Empty Days...

Well, the last two weeks have been full…and empty. I have been very sick, but very busy, and then on top of it all, missing my dear friend and husband’s company and support. Okay, I miss his back-rubs too!

Sick: I finally got them! The stinking amoebas that all of my neighbors seem to always have. And when I got them, I got them good! (or bad) Cramping, diarrhea, vomiting, the works, and it lasted a whole two weeks! It was awful, and I whined a lot! (Obviously, I am still whining) I finally broke down and went to the doc last week, and he gave me parasite medicine, told me to give some to Dani, who cooks for us at times, and to Yari, who eats and drinks what I do. Today, 15 days after it began, I am well. Tired, and a bit skittish of eating, but better, thanks to God!

Busy: School Time! We been shoppin’ till we been droppin’ – literally! Thanks you all so much for your help for these young ones! We have purchased uniforms, shoes, socks, books, notebooks, backpacks, pens, pencils, and all kinds of other school supplies for 14 very grateful children. If only you could see their faces as they look into the bags and see what you have given them, many of you would cry, I know. I hope to get a few pictures this week, as many of the children pass the house on their way to classes.
Yari and I traveled the road to and from Frontera so many times we know it by heart. ‘Frontera’ means ‘border’ and so most call the town there by that name. Just before the border is a check station manned by armed guards who check the documentation of each person that passes. The poor guards just wave us through now, not checking our bags, papers, or anything else. A good thing, in some ways. They know me, and trust me. But I have spent way too much time shopping! Why do we go to Frontera to shop? It is about 1 ½ hours from our house, a little further than David, but there are two very good reasons to make the trip – 1) Their prices are about 12% cheaper than in David, and 2) They now have a McDonalds. Now before you think that I am a glutton – the kids only have the chance to go to McDonalds when they go shopping with me once a year, and they LOVE it! It is a treat they remember all year long.
Yari was talking with the last group about the first time she went to McDonalds with us and that was 5 years ago! I had not realized what an impact it had until the others began sharing when they first went to McDonalds, and each time it was with Lynn and me in years past. Silly to us, but very important to them. Each one had a story of their trip, and the new ones eyes were bugging out with excitement. I had to keep secretly wiping the tears from my eyes as I drove.
Again, I need to say thank you to those of you who support this work. I am so grateful that I can spend part of my life helping, and making a difference in these children’s lives, and I know that it is in part because of you. You give the money, I get the hugs. Doesn’t seem fair, but I would not trade places for anything! I know God will repay you in time, but I am all about instant gratification in this case! I pray each of you is blessed richly now and later!

Empty: Lynn has been gone 2 weeks now, but it seems like 2 years! While I am thrilled that he can spend the time with family there, and I am talking with him daily, I still miss holding his hand and snuggling up with him at night. Okay, enough already, I miss the guy, but am glad that he is with his mom right now. He will be back in just two more weeks, Lord willing.

Other News:
• We are very grateful that Roy Thompson is at home and recovering from his surgery.
• We are also grateful that Yari is walking better all the time.
• We are excited that we have a campaign starting this weekend, and honored that our brothers and sisters (about 15 in all) from Dolega (about 1 ½ hours from here) will be spending the weekend with us here at the house. It will be full of fun and fellowship!
• Yari and I are taking a day to go to the beach and relax tomorrow!
• God is Good All the Time!


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NitWit1 said...

I'm glad Lynn is getting quality time with family. We haven't seen him this way, but we are in a vicious cycle of medical appointments for both of us. Shelly's is mostly routine except he is adding a physician outside the VA system so when we/he doesn't want to travel to Little Rock, he has an option.

I am trying to get scheduled for a heart ablation in Little Rock but cannot get physicians' to return calls. Yesterday local cardiology promised to get it for me. I'm giving them a week and then I may start all over at Baylor Heart Institute In Dallas. I have a lot of relatives close to Dallas to help as well as others further away.

Glad the amoebic dysentery is under control. I am having a tad of the viral type today--certainly not as devastating as yours!

I know the kids here love McDonalds so I can imagine the children who have never seen such a place. They would be shocked that i hate all their food except the diet disaster, Egg McMuffin, sometimes.