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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blessings and Lessons

Rain, Rain and more Rain! Well, we wondered when the rainy season would get here, and we are wondering no more. The road is a river again!
We made the trek to Caña Blanca this morning. It was wonderful to see the children, and the friends we have made over the past few years. Thanks to ‘First Day’ we are arranging for a 1 day medical clinic for this very poor, very far from medical help, community. First Day will be here in June to bring music, food and medicines to the families who choose, or are bound to live in this off the beaten path paradise. It takes us an hour to get there over very rough roads, but the people and the peace we find there are worth the trip.
These people have been forgotten by the world in so many ways, but we had some good news today! The school has been reopened and has 7 students as of today. There are a few more who will transfer back at the semester break (they are walking all the way to El Valle every day right now – imagine that walk in this rain!) They cannot move until they receive their grades for this semester. Actually it is a quarter, not a semester. At any rate, the school has children laughing and learning, and that is a very good thing for the entire community.
We have been bringing in English lessons for the past two years to the children, first at the school, then at the Catholic church where a wonderful Christian lady teaches kindergarten and pre-kinder to all comers. We are excited to begin again next week with 10 students (hers and the school children).
We also took fertilizer out to some friends who have moved to the neighborhood – talk about living in the quiet of nature! They are miles from anything, with no electricity, no cars, nothing to intrude on God’s natural beauty. A simple life, but a hard one. I envy them, and worry about them.
On the way back we learned a very valuable lesson. I have been doing so well with my diabetes that I left the house without any type of sugar. I am not sure what I did to expend the carbs I ate this morning, but I did – expend them – almost every one of them. I became quite lethargic, could not think, could not sit up, and was very afraid that I would go into a coma before we could reach home. We only passed one house once I got bad, and no-one was home. Fortunately Lynn was very resourceful – he first stopped at a lemon tree, climbed up and pulled, then peeled one for me. We were both in doubt as to the sugar content, so a little further along he found a guava tree and stopped again and fed me part of a fruit. It was infested with worms, but we tried to remove them as we could, and I only ate a part of it, but it was enough to get me home. Once home I downed some sugar, and promptly slept. Within a couple of hours I was exhausted, but back to normal, sugar-wise. (I am never quite normal, as most of you know) It was quite a scare for both of us, and a lesson well-learned. I am confident we will not be away from the house without some kind of sugar available again.
Just another day in the life…thought we would share.
God is good, so good!


richies said...

I'm so glad that you made it home ok!

An Arkies Musings

GreezyCreekGirl said...

I'm so GLAD that you made it home and you are ok :) Love you guys :)
I'm so happy i'm coming to see ya'll :)

Love Jana

Joy said...

Thanks, Yes, I still think sometimes I do not take this condition seriously enough. What a blessing to have a wake-up call that I could wake up from! I guess God is not finished with me yet!

NitWit1 said...

We were unaware you had diabetes? Is it controlled w/o drugs. Hope so.

I have the forture on finding diabete socks in NC on our recent trip at #3/pair at an manufacturer's outlet in S.Pines NC. I don't have diabetes but have to wear less constritive foot wear and socks, no hosiery for any period of time. These socks are great.

I expect to be back there later this year and could get your some if you are interested. On Internet some of these socks are $25 each.

But then you may go barefooted for all I know..... <:o)>