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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Summertime in Panama!

We are sitting in our living room listening to shouts of encouragement, laughter and much hoopla from across the street this afternoon. The church, along with many neighbors, are playing baseball, thanks to Doyne, and the others who donated gloves and bats to us two years ago. We have used, reused, re-strung,and used some more every glove that was sent. This is summer here, and the youth are out there every afternoon playing and spending time together with the great influence of Hermel (our new partner in the work) and Magdiel. It is great to see and hear. We just want to say thank you. For the gloves and bats, for the prayers, for the financial support, and for all that you do for us so far from you.

We miss you and love you all.

L & j

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NitWit1 said...

Good to see you post and the youth having fun.

Things are normal here. Just the normal new gray hair a day..... <:o)>

I hired a cleaning lady to deep clean my house and of course had to help her with where things are, move things, etc. I am exhausted beyond exhausted. She deep cleans before she accepts you as a regular, which was 16 hours,2 days. My house is in shock. Deep clean is a phrase it has never experienced. I hope the roof does not fall down around our ears.

GOT to rest up so I can keep the deep clean lady happy for two weeks until she comes again for a regular 4 hour cleaning session.