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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sometimes a good thing can really...bite!

I have been certain throughout my Christian life that God always blesses me more than I can bless someone else, regardless of the situation, he always gives me more than I can give to others. I haven't changed my mind on that, but I do wonder at His sense of humor at times. Like now.

We have been helping our sister, friend and neighbor Dani work toward a better life for three years now. We have loaned her money for food. With the help of the 2007 team that came down, we replaced her dirt floor with a concrete one. We bought her a stove, gave her beds, gave her a washing machine, and the list goes on and on. Stay with me here, and you will see that I am not boasting, but headed toward a point.

Last Fall we loaned her the money to get electricity in her house. It fell short of what she needed becaus of some poor decisions regarding material costs, but she did get alot closer to getting lights in the house. Finally, this month we bought her the last thing she needed to have for the electricity to be installed - a 20 foot metal pole. We were so thrilled because now the kids could do their homework by something other than kerosene lantern.

The Fire department came out and inspected the work, and approved. The electric company came out and installed the electric line to the house. We were all so thrilled! Only to be dismayed a few hours later when the music started. Loud music- booming music that could be felt throughout our bones. Xavier, the dear teenage wonder, had built himself some monster boom box-speakers to go with his car stereo he had converted to DC current. Bless his little heart!(I heard once that if you finish the comment with "bless his little heart" it was ok to say something bad about someone)

So, again, bless his little heart, he had his music cranked to full volume for a full week before we politely complained. Our street was so peaceful. You could hear the horses coming from way around the bend. I loved to listen for one of the neighbors to come by on his way home because he always whistles, and it is a joyful, relaxing sound. Gone. We used to hear the cattle and horses chatting, the birds chirping, the frogs singing. Gone. All because we wanted to help our dear neighbors have a better life. The music is blaring again tonight. While it goes down for a day or so, they always seem to forget that we are forced to hear whatever they are listening to wiht the volume at max. I am listening to Reggae/ Rap music that, incidentally, I generally detest, over my feeble attempt to dub over wiht David Phelps. Not a good mix.

I know that God will bless our every offering when given in His name, but I am wondering if maybe He is explaining that technological advances are not always 'better'. This one sure isn't for us. We will wait for...peace (and quiet)

God is always good.

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