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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer 09 Blessings

What a time of missions and fellowship! We have been quite busy preparing, then enjoying several mission trips this summer. Let me take a few minutes to share some of the highlights:

On June 1rst we welcomed a group of dearly loved brothers from Riverside in Gassville. Holly, Dane, Pam, Clay, Caleb, Brittany, Dirk, April and Abby Grace came and spent a week working with the children from our local school, El Valle. They brought great stories of the miracles God has done, along with crafts, laughs and lots of love. We watched Dane (who thinks he is still a kid) jump roping until he could barely walk, and Clay and Caleb rapping and beat boxing to an enthralled group of kids daily. We saw Pam at her best (whenever she is teaching) and Holly in her comfort zone (she really should be living here) We got to watch Abby Grace’s eyes widen with the newness of this culture, and then, just fit right in, playing with the kids. Dirk was the man with the camera – and he took some most excellent photos. April enjoyed the kiddos and spent time loving on them all. It was an absolutely amazing week! I think the best part for me personally was seeing Lynn and Dane just sitting and enjoying each others company. When I think of the shortcomings of our life here, the opportunity for fellowship with (English speaking) believers is near the top of the list. (Some of you thought I would say Diet Dr Pepper – ha! Fooled you!) Seriously, this is especially true for Lynn, who is still struggling with the language. And to make it perfect, for it to be someone like Dane, whom we have known and loved for years was the best blessing. Thanks Dane! Thank you all for coming and sharing your love with these precious children, and their teachers. We will probably never fully know the impact your sacrifice has made. And a special thanks to Holly, our ever-faithful friend, who does all the hard work to make it happen!

I could write loads more about this week, but would never get on to the second team – and I wouldn’t want you to miss hearing about that!!!!

More tomorrow….

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NitWit1 said...

Looking forward to later. How is Fernandez (I think that is name of the boy we sponsored.)

We live vicariously through, and throw as much support as we can, those who are able to make these trips.