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Sunday, July 20, 2008

20 July 2008

¡Saludos! (Greetings) to the church in Gassville. Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord, Jesus Christ(I have been comparing Paul’s letters to the different churches J) Today is Sunday, July 20th. Our meeting of believers was refreshing and rewarding. We were blessed with 32 folks today, with 13 children. The children are studying Joseph – today we discussed the dream of Pharaoh and Joseph’s brothers coming to Egypt for food. The kids just soak it all in, and remember better than I ever could. What a joy they are. I find extra pleasure in the children of Celinda. They are so eager to please, and to show that they remember the lessons from previous weeks. We are building a mural of Joseph’s life, from his birth to his father’s death. We are using everything from grass to make the sheaves that bowed to him in his dream to cotton balls to make the sheep fluffy. They are really enjoying it – me too! The youth are so interested in the project that they have set up a rotation to help with the class.

We went American today : we had hamburgers for lunch! They were a big hit! Lynn also made a new cookie recipe with corn flakes and syrup instead of Rice Crispies and marshmallows. The marshmallows here just will not melt. We are assuming now that it is the altitude, but don’t know for sure. We just know that we can not make regular Rice Crispy treats. We have tried several times now. No problem! These today were gobbled down with much appreciation!

Before I go much further, I need to apologize for any misunderstandings I might have created. In my last post I said that the second team that came was ‘goofy’. They were, but in the very best way possible. It was that very characteristic that loosened up the children in Las Perlas. The indigenous people here are very reserved, accustomed to whites and Panamanians alike avoiding them or putting them down, so they stay away, and try to become invisible. The team that was mostly from the church in Oxford, Mississippi had a tough job, and they, with their fun-loving attitudes, were a tremendous success. I have nothing but praise for their ‘goofiness’. It was what made the children smile, and talk, and laugh and play with us. That is why they listened, that is why they learned. So, if you were one who was offended by the use of the word ‘goofy’, please know that it was meant with much love and admiration. God was glorified because of what you did, and how you did it!

There is not much new on the Celinda family situation. I did feel the girls were paying specific attention when we discussed Joseph being sold into slavery. They did not ask questions, but listened carefully when the other children said it was wrong, and a bad thing to do. We are still awaiting God’s whispered answers for us in this situation. He is faithful, and will provide them, in his perfect time. Yamileth was not here today. She was sick – headache and stomach ache. This has been going around a lot lately.

The ladies here are preparing to sell tamales to make some money for us to go to the Ladies Convention in Panama City at the end of next month. We have tallied the costs, and for 9 of us to go it will cost just over $600 – about $70 for each woman. This is the only time that the sisters of the church nation-wide ever get together – and it happens only once a year. Members of Riverside in Gassville have been donating the funds for the church in Santa Marta to go for the past 2 years because it is such a Spirit-filled time for all who participate, and a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with other Christian ladies. Now, we would like to ask you to help with Riverside in El Valle as well. There is no way these ladies can come up with $70 each. There are some who will be lucky to come up with $10. I have encouraged the fund-raising activities because I believe it best for them to have something of themselves invested. They are all eager to be a part of it. I have spoken with Sister Alicia in Santa Marta, and she is the only one who will be able to attend this year, for various reasons. So that means we need to find funds for 10 ladies to go this year. Before you panic and say it is too much, Riverside in El Valle held a business meeting today, and voted to donate $300 to help the ladies go, so along with our tamale sales, and Lynn is baking cookies for us to sell as well, We are probably only deficit $300. Please remember that these are all new Christians, and what an opportunity for growth it will be. Okay, I am finished begging. If you feel led to help with this work, you can use a Riverside in Panama envelope, mark it for Ladies convention, and get it either in the collection plate at Riverside, or to Rogena Smith at Twin Lakes Community Bank. If you would like further information, write to me here, or talk to Holly Smith. She knows the ladies who want to go.

The puppies are all growing and every one of them has a home when they are old enough. We are going to get X-rays on my back this Friday, Maybe then I will get some relief. Thank you for your prayers!

Dallas, thanks for writing! We think of you two often, and wonder how you are. Dusty and Ashley, we haven't heard from you lately, but we love you!

We love you all,

Joy and Lynn


Evans Family Adoption said...

Hope you are feeling better! Back stuff is no fun! I'd love to help send a lady to the convention. Attending these conventions can be so Spirit moving, especially when those that attend go with a receiving heart!!! TLCB in Flippin? Is that where I can give money at? May God bless you all and keep you safe and Healthy, too!!! By the way, puppies are adorable!

joy said...

Paige, thanks for the good wishes and for the offer to help one of the ladies go to the convention! You are correct that the money can be deposited into TLCB in Flippin. I am sure that anyone at the front desk can help you deposit into Riverside in Panama account, but if you want a receipt, or more info, just ask for Rogena Smith at the bank.
We continue to pray for your journey to be rewarded! thanks again! joy