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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Update 2 - Settling In

My first attempt at this blogging business. Hope it goes well. Thanks, Tim for setting it up. I read the information a few days ago, but needed my dictionary to figure out how to sign in. The word is acceder. A new word for me.

I have a few things to share, but will make sure this works for me first. I am still battling with the cafe computers, but hope to have internet in the house next Monday. That is not a promise, but a fervent hope. This is finals week for me in my class, and I have 2 papers due, so will be brief.

Everything is falling into place for the upcoming trip. Josh has a couple of new dishes (for him) lined up and I have lined up a helper for him in the kitchen!!!!! We are working on a new bedroom, and expanding the porch. We now have pineapple planted in the garden. We are all healthy, thank you Lord!

God continues to bless us with new friends and fellow Christians. You are all in our prayers daily. Will be in touchverysoon, with photos!

Yours, all because of Jesus,

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